Tuesday, 24 November 2009

An Unlucky Fried Katie Price Kitten

It is with deep concern that Unlucky Fried Kitten view Jordan's departure from the Australian jungle of I'm A Celebrity...get me out of here. When Jordan is very good she is Katie Price....carefree horse-loving country girl and doting mother. When she is bad...she is Jordan...liquor-swilling good-time girl displaying her underwear and nobbly bits to a nation of slavering schoolboys.
She made the monster....there's no doubting that...but has she gone too far this time? Since her recent very public and acrimonious split from hubby of 5 years, Peter Andre, Jordan has been on a whirlwind tour of seedy activity. She has been dating cross-dressing cage-fighter, Alex Reid, amid much publicity and booze. Publicly...it looks like she delighted in "rubbing Pete's nose in it" whilst he had the kids. Jordan went into the jungle to find closure, as she puts it. She met Pete on I'm A Celeb in 2004. When she went in recently she was hoping to let him see the girl he fell in love with. Pete didn't watch it. She also wanted to prove she hadn't lost the public. She went in...and was voted to carry out every gruesome and hideous task she was eligible to do. She walked the walk...endured some bad tasks...but...facing em-plonkment into a pit of snakes...she made the final walk....out of the jungle and out of the programme. Some say the snakes had a lucky escape. Is it time for Katie to bury Jordan? Can she come back from this chorus of disapproval from the public? She has publicly dumped her cage-scrapper. Is this a first step towards repair of mind? Perhaps she needs to lie down in a darkened room and take therapy? This should not be done in a blaze of publicity. Best wishes to Katie....and Unlucky Fried Kitten will give this last hurrah for their Fashionista song...about Jordan...if she packs up the pink and reduces the mammaries.(or at least reins them in)

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