Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Jedward...The World's Gone Mad UFK

The world really has gone mad when the likes of John and Edward Grimes (collectively known as Jedward) are getting more press coverage than Katie Price, Thierry Henry and The Krankies...combined! Jedward t-shirts are out-selling Robbie Williams CDs, KFC Bargain Buckets, Power Rangers and those hilarious blank postcards titled "London..In A Fog" put together.
If you sat down and counted EVERY COMMA on EVERY FAN-LETTER that John and Edward have received since their X-Factor debut...well...you'd be a pretty sad git, wouldn't you? In fact...you might need professional help. (and I'm not talking Valet, Au-Pair or Tree Surgeon)
Calm down. Have a beer.
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Unlucky Fried Kitten are in no way affiliated to Jedward or to any other X Factor wannabe.

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